Top 9 Circular Saws Worth Buying it Right Now

The purchase of a new circular saw for cutting through the wood sometimes might get complicated, especially, if there is a lack of knowledge about safety measures and needed functions of it. Most likely shop consultants will present many options and features, but how to know which Is the best one?

All circular saws have something in common — blade guard, adjustments, handle and in the end — circular blade. It can come with different blade sizes, features or even colours. Actually, the type you will need depends on the type of wood you want to cut, because then it can be easier to know, for instance, whether you need a cordless saw or not. Also, additional features such as laser guides can be useful.

Here you will find the best circular saws of the brands for easier work.

  1. Skilsaw SPT67WL-01

This skilsaw is an economical purchase that can be called a perfect runner-up. Currently it is nominated as a lightest circular saw with only 8.6 pounds and sold only for 98$ on Amazon.

It has the same cutting function as the regular circular saw, but with its lightweight, brings a pleasure to work on long-term projects. It is running with a cord that can extend, what means you will not run out of the battery, but be careful while using to not cut the cord. Also, the till locks at 45 degrees, what gives the opportunity to cut faster. Lastly, it has Dual-Field motor that cools off the saw and let’s to cut longer.

skil circular saw

  1. Makita SP6000J1

If you are willing to invest a lot in your circular saw, then this brand is something you have been searching for. It offers the maximum precision, just it is rated as a rail guided circular saw. It has 55-inch guide that helps to make repeated cuts with a perfect precision. Lt has, also, a variety of speed, so everything will be under control. It is suitable for any commercial or residential project and can be purchased for 409$ in Amazon.

  1. Dewalt DWE575SB

This circular saw is for the ones, who expect extra features, as it contains of a patented protection system of a power cord or integrated dust blower. Also, it has a laser guide, which gives an option to cut straight the long cuts. It is definitely one of the best choices for accuracy and functionality.

  1. Rockwell RK344K

If you will be travelling from one site to another, then obviously it can be better to have mobile and compact circular saw. Not to forget, it also is flexible and can cut any type pf material, starting from the wood and finishing to the ceramics. It might be not that suitable for cutting the long cuts, but it is definitely a great product to choose for the ease of using it. It is light, smaller compared to other saws and compact for anyone.

  1. Genesis GCS545C

This one circular saw is not only one of the smallest ones, but also includes different features such as dust port and vacuum adapter. It, also, can cut the strong materials and is very light to hold it. It definitely should have your interest also because of the price of only 59$ on Amazon.

circular saw in use

  1. Bostitch BTE300

It is at the price of 90$ and is, as well, with a light weight and ease of carrying it around. It has a bevel lever and dents that let to cut at 45 degrees, so the manoeuvring is rather easy. It is something similar to the Makita brand, just little bit smaller version and way cheaper.

  1. Bosch CS10

This brand is well known all around the world, so a lot of people relying on this brand. What it includes? It has a built-in hook to hang it, rafter-angle guide and is powerful for smooth cuts. It is really similar to a lot of previous circular saws, but doesn’t contain fancy functions. Rather than that, it can be purchased for only 99$.

  1. Porter Cable PC15TCSM

Another one of the cheapest circular saws at the price of 80$ is lightweight for the easy use of it. Some of other models of this brand have more functionality, but this one is a perfect choice for not that skilled workers. It definitely fits for any commercial or residential project.

  1. Skil 5180-01

This circular saw is for the ones, who are on a really tight budget, because it costs only around 50$. Overall, it is affordable and reliable, because it doesn’t weight a lot, has a standard blade dimension and is perfect for plywood projects. Even thought that is doesn’t cut very hard materials, it has a built-in dust blower!

All in all, the purpose of this circular saw review was to help on the choice of the saw, because we all know how it is difficult to purchase something what needs to be durable and within the right price range.